Alycia Hargreaves
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Jeff Turner
604-662-4144 x221
Alycia Hargreaves
Theatre and Voice Actor.
Positive Attitude and Professionalism!!
Alycia is an aspiring voiceover actress currently residing in Vancouver, BC. Her passion for acting started at age 12 when she began participating in theatre productions. Since then, her passion only grew and now being 25, she hopes to use her talents towards pursuing a career in voice acting.

In 2018, she enrolled at On The Mic Training where she had the opportunity to work with experienced voice actors, such as Michael Adamthwaite and Lee Tockar, who helped to further develop her skills and accuracy behind the mic. No matter the project, Alycia can always be counted on to bring a positive attitude, professionalism, and her best efforts to the booth.

Alycia Hargreaves is available for voice actor work.
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