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Amanda Wood Christmas Concert and
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Amanda Wood
Gifted Jazz/Pop Singer and Songwriter
Listening to Amanda sing brings to mind the subtle whispers of Norah Jones, and the powerful, honey tone of Cassandra Wilson. Her music is a beautiful balance of power and emotion, standards and originals, all coming together in an Adult Contemporary/Jazz style. With her latest album, On My Way To You, Amanda is poised to earn her place in your record collection beside other Canadian Jazz royalty- fitting perfectly between Diana Krall and Michael Bublé.

Amanda has worked hard for years developing her voice, stage presence and songwriting. After being offered a record deal with terms that she wasn’t comfortable with, Amanda was thrilled to receive personal advice from Bublé encouraging her to be brave and take an independent route to accomplish her goals.

Amanda turned down the deal and turned instead towards one of her biggest fans- a Canadian NHL player who together with his wife offered to invest and fund the new album. Amanda reflects that, “Bublé said that my voice was great, I just needed a few lucky stars to align and a lot of hard work.” His phone call and her investors were the lucky stars she needed. Amanda jokes, “Who knew hockey and jazz mixed so well? It must be a Canadian thing.”

Amanda loves old Hollywood glamour and strives to bring back that timeless elegance with this release. She partnered with the award winning Miles Black to co-produce and co-arrange her dream album. Miles also contributed two original songs to the album co-written by his writing partner Glenda Rae.

A talented songwriter herself, Amanda also co-wrote four songs on the album. The album’s title, On My Way To You, was chosen for many reasons. “I wrote the title song from a very spiritual standpoint. It’s all about a journey and when it came time to choose the title for the album I realized it was perfect. I hope this album travels right into the homes and hearts of my fans.”

Born and raised in Victoria, BC, Canada, Amanda has a lengthy background in the performing arts having been trained on the stage for both acting and dancing from a young age. She attended University on scholarship for Musical Theatre and Academic awards. She plays multiple instruments and her acting career continues to impress in both Film and Television. One of her greatest talents is her Voice-Over acting. Amanda loves the fun challenge of combining her voice with her acting abilities in Animation, Video Games, ADR, Radio and Television as well as Narration and On- Hold work.

Some of the highlights of Amanda’s career have been performing in Beijing, China for the Summer Olympics; at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas; a private show for the King of Malaysia in Shanghai, China; with David Foster in Vancouver, Canada; with Jeff Goldblum’s Jazz Quintet in LA; and with the Dal Richards Orchestra.

With the International release of On My Way To You, Amanda will be touring far and wide. Amanda can see that this is her moment- and she is ready for it.

“Amanda’s got a lot of talent! She really has an affinity for embracing the whole band as she’s singing. It’s one of the things that I really enjoyed about working with Amanda.”
Jeff Hamilton

“It was really, really, really pleasant to hear the scope of Amanda’s talent and her amazing, wonderful voice. I hear a lot of voices, and she’s got a voice that really feels good, sounds good and is nice to write for.”
John Clayton Jr.

“Working with Amanda has been great! I love this kind of music, it’s my favorite stuff to do. A project full of this was just a pleasure!”
Steve Genewick, mixing engineer at Capitol Studios

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Jazz, Adult, Contemporary.

Sounds Like: Doris Day

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