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AUDIO SAMPLES from the CD - Ruby
AUDIO SAMPLES from the CD - Brickhouse Christmas
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BlueFunk Band
Laying the Groove that will make you move

"What a headliner. Leave room for people to dance, you won't be able to keep them sitting. For a guaranteed draw and a happy crowd, it’s a ‘lock’ with Brickhouse."
- Keith Alexander, AD, Edge of the World Music Festival

Brickhouse is one of the most uniquely "Vancouver" music experiences and unofficially, seeing Brickhouse Live is one of the Top 10 coolest things you can do in Vancouver. With their brand of original, funky tracks and cleverly covered classic R&B tunes, Brickhouse blends classic and modern (Blue Funk) with ease and makes hearing and seeing Brickhouse an addictive experience.

Brickhouse developed an intensely loyal following through their 12–year house gig at The Yale Hotel. Recording a new studio album seemed like the most logical next step and surprisingly, going into the studio was a great bonding experience for Rob, Ray, Neil, Darryl, Oz and Ed. An experience that seemed to energize the band and to celebrate over a decade of great music made together.

Their latest CD "FUTURE" is an album of songs that grew out of gigging and collaborating live; and although Rob wrote just about every song; the band is known for giving each other enough space to let each of their musicianship affect the overall vibe of every tune and that is Brickhouse’s brand; a mix of Funk, R&B, and Blues. The result is a collection of great tunes that will get inside your head and stay there until you’re dancing like everyone else.

"We’re about as excited as we could be" says Rob Bracken, lead singer and harp player, "our fans have been so loyal to us over the last few years in particular. This album is really our tribute to the support our fans have given us…"

With a list of original material that rivals the number of keys on a full size piano, Brickhouse delivers a message that attracts the young at heart. With over 200 shows a year, it’s no wonder fans choose the set list before the band does.

Brickhouse is:

Rob Bracken -
Lead Vocals and Harmonica
Ray Keesh -
Bass Guitar
Ed Johnson -
Drums and Percussion
Oldrich (OZ) Zitek -
Saxophone and Backing Vocals
Neil Cruickshank -
Guitar and Backing Vocals
Darryl Havers -
Hammond Organ, Keyboards and Backing Vocals
Future - Live

Brickhouse Blues Cruise 2011

Brickhouse at the Yale
Fallen - Live

Brickhouse a Band at Home

Live at The Rainbow Room


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