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Desirée Monsuraté
Desirée Monsuraté
Actor / Artist / Model / Singer / Writer / Producer

Desirée Monsuratée is a Canadian producer, actor, artist, writer, singer, and model based out of North Vancouver, British Columbia. Desirée has always had a passionate love for the arts, be it auditory, visual, performance-based or even better, a combination of the above!

Upon completion of the two-week intensive at the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts, Desirée successfully challenged and bypassed the mandatory Essentials Acting program at VFS and was granted a direct invitation into the full-time Acting Program. She graduated from Vancouver Film School in April of 2016, with a Diploma in Acting for Film and Television.

Desirée is an Associate Producer on the upcoming indie film, Ms. Purple (1 of 16 finalists in the U.S. Dramatic Competition from over 15,000 submissions) at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Desirée Monsuraté is available for voice actor work.
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Demo Reels:

East Indian, Standard American,
Southern, British, Valley Girl.


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