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Live From Lockdown
I Build Billboards

Live From Lockdown
Aunt Jemina & Uncle Ben

Live From Lockdown
Raggedy Time

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Canadian Cop
Dino Archie
"Dino Archie's Choosy Lover is a timeless gem amongst this generation's comedy albums." Comedy Hype

"@Dinoarchie is Funny"
Arsenio Hall

Dino Archie is a writer and stand up comedian originally from Fresno, CA. Born the second youngest in a house of 8 children, Dino learned comedy as a love language. While his older brothers became D1 athletes, Dino exercised his gift of gab as a used car salesman. He honed his stand-up skills on the West Coast in clubs between Los Angeles, CA and his current residence in Vancouver, BC.

Dino has been featured on Comedy Central’s Adam Devine’s House Party and made his network late-night debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! He was a New Face at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, the winner of the Seattle International Comedy Competition, and won the Best Crowd-Work award at the Just For Laughs Northwest Fest. Kevin Hart's LOL Network. He has toured with NPR’s Snap Judgment: Story Telling With a Beat and you can hear his stories on two podcast episodes. 

Dino has released four comedy albums including his first one-hour special released in the pandemic Summer of 2020 - Dino Archie: Live From Lockdown.

Live From Lockdown, Setting Old Scores, and Choosy Lover are available here: https://dinoarchie.bandcamp.com/

Dino Archie: Live From Lockdown, Sept 2020
Dino Archie

Dino Archie: Settling Old Scores, Jun 2020
Dino Archie

Dino Archie: Choosy Lover, Jun 2020
Dino Archie

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