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1. In The Zone - Conquering Stage Nerves & Developing Relaxed Confidence in Speaking
2. Bomb-Proof Presenting Techniques for Reliable Memorization & Effective Rehearsing
3. The Eloquent Speaker - Mastering the Fundamental Skills of Public Speaking
Iain Duncan
Creating confident leaders, inspiring presenters, and influential communicators. Because soft-skills are hard.
An award-winning and engaging speaker, Iain Duncan's transformative sessions on the intersections of performance and business combine deeply researched content with amazing performing demonstrations and engaging customized comedy. In his seminar series, Secrets from the Stage, Iain draws on his experiences on stage and in the boardroom to help audiences become more relaxed, confident, and influential as public speakers of all types. From conquering stage anxiety, to bomb-proof preparation, to highly effective practising, Iain covers all the essential skills and techniques needed to become a compelling and powerful presenter.

As a programmer who successfully transitioned into management and consulting, Iain also speaks on developing negotiation, management and leadership skills for technical staff moving into executive roles. Especially in the STEM sector, technical staff often struggle as career advancement brings a new need for soft-skills and public speaking. When retaining top talent is critical to business success, why leave this to chance? Iain helps ensure the people side of technical management is deliberately cultivated and practised, making for happier, productive, and lasting teams.

"What a refreshing and informative spin on public speaking! It was so great to have Iain breakdown the process for the not-for-profit sector at the BOSS conference, all while entertaining us with his juggling talents. And it was applicable to so many aspects of my life beyond presentations!" - - Lisa Torreggiani, Capacity Development Lead, Vantage Point

Session Topics & Outlines
Outlines may vary with the session length and whether topics are being presented stand-alone or as a series. Content is also typically customized to specific audience backgrounds and skill levels. Further details and sample material are available upon request.

Secrets From The Stage I: In The Zone
Conquering Stage Nerves & Developing Relaxed Confidence in Speaking
Everyone gets stage nerves - performers, athletes, and speakers, whether rank beginners or world class pros. And for public speakers, out-of-control nerves significantly diminish the impact of our presentations. But there are solutions. In this engaging session, we examine the neuroscience and physiology of stage anxiety and discuss concepts and techniques from the performing arts and performance psychology to get us relaxed, confident, and in the zone.

Secrets From The Stage II: Bomb-Proof Presenting
Techniques for Reliable Memorization & Effective Rehearsing
Nothing sinks a talk like getting lost, drawing a blank, or fumbling with notes. Conversely, when we know our material inside out, we can respond to the room, are relaxing to hear, and are thus more engaging and influential. In this session, we look at time-tested techniques from the performing art for learning material quickly, memorizing reliably, and rehearsing hyper-effectively: the keys to comfortable, natural sounding, "off-the-cuff" presenting.

Secrets From The Stage III: The Eloquent Speaker
Mastering the Fundamental Skills of Public Speaking
We all know what we're supposed to do when we speak, but how can we actually get better at it? What separates the "natural speaker" from the rest of us? What makes some speakers eloquent, influential, and riveting to hear? In this illuminating session we look at what goes into great speaking, how to work on the fundamental skills behind powerful and influential public speaking, and how to practise effectively for lifelong, lasting improvement.

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