Voice Actors
For work in Animated Features, Radio & TV commercials

JTF Voice Actors are professional and have an array of talents suited for Animated features, TV & Radio, Commercial Work, Game Development and MORE
Siobhan Walsh Billy Mitchell Chloe Morgan

James R. Baylis Anna Bond Patrick Maliha

Emily Boyd Cal Koat Eva Butterly

James Hammond Maya Nadine Patrick Delva

Lisa Ovies Martin Anthony SUNN St. Claire

William Kuklis Emma Cadd Adam Dubeau

Mel Erwin Mike Henry Mandy Rushton

Garth Collins Sarah Roa Bryan Olson

Erica Sigurdson Chris Dattoli Luisa Jojic

Andrew Chaloner Leon Aucoin Bob Taylor

Mauricio Perez Greg Gwyn Patricia Fraser

Phil Porche Tim Larsen Chris Berry

For booking inquiries and new talent
submissions please contact:

Gemma Crowe - Agent
604 662 4144 ext 225


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