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Neezar is a Canadian Singer, Actor, Musician and Circus Performer based in Vancouver, Canada.

Neezar has been entertaining audiences for the last 18 years with charisma and depth to a spontaneous outpouring of characters.These numerous characters have caused Neezar to develop a symphony of artistic expressions including Acting, Stilt-walking, Fire-breathing, Opera singing, Puppeteering and Mime making him a quintessential performer, artist and entertainer.

Some noted credits include: Kooza and Quidam by Cirque Du Soleil, The 2004 & 2010 Olympics, Burger King, Mazda, X- Men 2, and Davinci’s Inquest.

Neezar has now set his sights on combining all disciplines to produce high caliber circus musicals.
Here is a complete list of the acts available with links to their spot on this page.

Bouncy Bros
Bubble Trouble
Champagne Pixies
Children/Family Events
Christmas Characters
Fire Performers

LED Dancers
LED Jugglers
LED Performers
Pop-up Acrobats
Roving Characters
Stilt Bikes
Stilt Walkers
Themed Masquerade Characters

Stilt Bikes

Stilt Walkers/Stilt Bikes/Roving Characters

The Stilt Bikes have been riding tall worldwide since 2001. These acrobatic Stiltwalkers ride custom cruisers that wow audiences of all ages! The act also comes with a custom made bike trailer sound system which brings the boom!

The Stilt Bikes have performed at Festivals, Fairs, Corporate Events, Film, TV, Olympics, and Parades. The Bikes are modular and can be broken down for travel by ground or even air!

Neezar   Neezar   Neezar
Egyptic Fire Show

Illuminara Fire Show

Fire Performance

"A beautiful love story told through live vocals, fire performance and dance" This is one of the many shows that features Fire Swords, Flaming Hula Hoop, Staff, Poi, a Fire Rose and a crescendo of Fire breaths! Whether it’s a solo performance or a large group show, Neezar will illuminate the stage with amazing visuals and Charisma.


From a French Mime to Living Statues, These surreal characters are an enchanting addition for any occasion, with an extensive array of characters the Mime/Statue/Juggling can be customized for each event.


Children/Family Events

Bouncy Bros

These Bouncing Characters are a must, they will get any event hop-pening!
Bouncy bros have been featured at Parades, Marathons, Product launches and Festivals all over the world!


Bubble Trouble!

Bubble performers roam with music interspersed with giant bubbles of all sizes. The Bubble kit is setup in a designated area and the roaming acts crescendo the proposed set time(s) with a big bubbly finish! The kids absolutely LOVE this act!


Pop-up Acrobatics

Taken feature circus show acrobats and modified them as a roving spectacle. The mobile Acro-stands allow setup all throughout the event and create a pop-up circus almost anywhere! The costumes are bright, colorful and UV reactive for evening sets! Children of all ages are mesmerized with this act!

Champagne Pixies
Themed Masquerade Characters
LED Performers

LED Dancers / LED Jugglers

Bring the Wow Factor to your event with
our cutting edge, exciting and modern
LED dancers.This awesome fusion of
dance, light,and music will mesmerize
your audience. A thrilling show guaranteed
to make any occasion stand out as
the dancers create a stunning spectacle of light and movement.

If desired, our LED shows can incorporate branding and custom routines, making this an ideal entertainment choice for your corporate event, product launch or festival.

The Circus of Tomorrow - Lumadrome

Lumadrome (LED Lighting & Music)
The Circus of Tomorrow A collection of
space-age cirque vignettes featuring a cast from out of this world. This circus show is enhanced with state of the art LED lighting and music.

Lumadrome is guaranteed to
captivate any audience in a wide range of settings!

Christmas Characters
Christmas Tree, Bouncing Elf, Toy Soilder & More!


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