Salsahall Collective
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Salsahall Collective

Salsahall Collective

Salsahall Collective
Dancehall Meets Salsa
Under the Direction of Harvey Paris, Salsahall Collective is a musical group that combines Dancehall and Salsa creating a new sound known as Salsahall. The group is made up of musicians from Jamaica, Venuzeula, El Salvador, Guatemala and France, however they all met in the city of Vancouver.

The early beginnings of this project started with a Cuban piano montuno played over top of a modern, dancehall rhythm. From there the Collective began bringing all of their traditional as well as contemporary sounds together, old and new, while still experimenting and expanding.

Featured Vocalists:
Cnez (Guatelmala)
Tiago (El Sabador)
TugStar (Jamaica)

Adolfo Ruiz - Piano (Venezuela)
Jeanse le Doujet - Bass (France)
Luis Aulestia Sosa Bongos (Venezuela)
Eddie Martinez - Vocals/Congas (Guatemala)
Chris Couto - Timbales (Portugal)
Harvey Paris - Trumpet
Kevin Tango - Trombone

Piano Ruiz:
The "pianoRUIZ" philosophy was born out of the influence of a melting pot of music genres. From places where people would cross the line of what was accepted in the industry and challenge audiences with sounds that would move them in different ways.

"Crave the emotions, crave the feeling" The beauty of music lies in its infinite nature, for confining ourselves deep into the cave of what is already known will merely knock us down.

Our philosophy is a sense of duty towards breaking the rules and exploring new parts of the world by looking inside of our souls. We are their owners, and we must decipher what was put in then when we were created.

Chris Couto:
Chris Couto is a respected, dependable professional musician and teacher from Vancouver, BC. His professional career has spanned for over half of his life, gaining experience touring Canada-wide and internationally at just 12 years old with his African Marimba percussion band Jabulani, now called KUTAPIRA. His skill set ranges from African and Latin percussion with his expertise on the Congas, Timbales, Bongo, Marimba, Djembe, Miscellaneous and Drum Kit.

Chris naturally found himself teaching after years of attending youth camps and workshops in his earlier years. His love for kids and passion for music enable him to excite the minds of young ones and set them on a path of musical self-discovery. Chris? empathy and interpersonal skills create a safe environment to freely discuss any matter of concern with both students and parents of diverse social backgrounds.

Born and raised in the small town of Pontivy in Brittany, France, JeanSe got his musical education started at the youngest age with his dad, Patrick, who was teaching music at home from down to dusk. He was first introduced to piano and quickly developed a good musical ear. At age 15 he finally picked up an old bass that was sitting in his dad?s music room and that was it!

From high school rock bands to university metal, jazz, pop projects, JeanSe broadened his musical horizons by playing as many styles as possible, but also by mixing his influences so he could bring more than just a bass line to the music he was playing.

His studies brought him to Vancouver, Canada, in 2011. In 2014, once school was over, he began his musician career, and quickly grew into the Vancouver music community, touring around BC and Europe.

Salsahall Collective
Salsahall Collective

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