Shaun McLellan
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Shaun McLellan Shaun McLellan

Shaun McLellan
Energetic and Lively,
with a knack for animated characters
Shaun McLellan is a Vancouver based Voiceover artist from Alberta, Canada. A former musician, he has a passion and talent for sound and rhythm. McLellan's voice is energetic and lively, with a knack for animated characters. His love for film, music, and animation supported his growing interest.

He started by impersonating cartoon characters in Disney, Looney Tunes, and the Simpsons. Later in his youth he would make impressions of actors and imitated singers from his favourite movies and bands.

Shaun applies his charisma, enthusiasm, and optimism to fit a variety of styles, genres, and storytelling techniques. His keen awareness of voice and tone creates depth to the characters he speaks through. With Shaun's background in music, and his love for characterization, he takes on a performing role; his voice the instrument to the character he becomes.

Shaun McLellan is available for voice actor work.
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