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Turner's Comedic Characters
Roving Comedic Actors in Costume and Character for your Special Themed Event

Jeff Turner Entertainment Group can provide you with actors in costume/character for your special themed event. Our actors will mingle and interact with your guests, pass out leaflets/brochures as required, make announcements, etc. Whatever is required to add that special touch to your event. The actors will be in costume and will portray the character(s) of your choice.

Turner's Comedic Characters are the number one solution for injecting a buzz into your event. Through greeting arrivals at the door and then mixing with your guests inside the event, our comedic characters allow your guests to show another side of themselves and even make new connections they couldn't otherwise make.

Our roving characters are all played by talented, trained professional actors who we hand-pick for their wit and warm personalities. With Turner's Characters our roving characters know how to bring out the best in your guests by drawing them in with infectious humour and playfulness. They know how to make guests feel special through listening to their comments, and building on what they've said - so your guests have a chance to shine too!

All our roving characters will be wearing fantastic, accurate costumes, and be using 100% authentic props. First impressions are crucial - and they never fail to impress.

We often have requests for characters that highlight Vancouver and BC Tourism. We recommend Captain George Vancouver, Gassy Jack & The Ski Patrol. We also have a bunch of other creative ideas for more Vancouver & BC Characters!!

Here is a complete list of the acts available with links to their spot on this page.

17th Century Fops
The Bad Boy & The Nerd
Buddy the Elf
Canadiana Characters
Canadian Forest Rangers
Celebrity Comedy Roasts
Celebrity Impersonators
Can-Con Roving Game Show
Captain George Vancouver
Cheerleaders & Football Hero
Circus Characters
Comedy Wine Tasting
The Detention Room
Doctor Disco
Downtown Abbey
The Entertainment Police
Event Cops
Family Feud
Football Hero & Cheerleaders
Great Gatsby/ Roaring 20's
The Grinch
High School Flashback
Historical Vancouver
Hockey Team - Canadiana Characters
Hollywood Characters
Jack Frost
James Bond Characters
John "Gassy Jack" Deighton
Knight School
Mad Men/New York Theme
Mad Scientists
Marilyn Monroe
Masquerade Characters & MCs
The Mean Girls
Medieval Times
Minute to Win It
The Mounted Elf Patrol

Nautical Characters
The Nerd & The Bad Boy
New York Theme/ Mad Men
Online/Virtual Game Shows
On Location Squad
Oscar Living Statue
Pirating 101
Red Carpet Reporter
Ringleader Barnum O’Baily
Roaring 20’s/ Great Gatsby
Roving Characters
Salami Brothers
Santa & Mrs. Clause
Superhero Characters
The Superhero Squad
Vancouver Characters
Wild West
Zoltar the Fortune Teller


  • POP Trivia
  • Buzz - In Game Show
  • Pub Trivia
  • Virtual Vacation Getaway
  • Bob Ross Online Pictionary Party
Check out your online game show options here

   Online Trivia


Santa & Mrs. Clause

Want to make your Christmas event truly memorable this year? Add a visit from Jolly old Saint Nick himself, Santa Claus! And he’s not alone… he’s joined by Holly Mistletoe, his sassy second wife. This is no shopping mall Santa & Mrs. Clause -our unique characters were created as a perfect fit for company Christmas events in need of something special. Throw Buddy the Elf from Will Ferrell’s Christmas movie Elf, and the laughs are guaranteed. These characters can add the magic by emceeing your event, and spreading the laughs table to table with a winning mix of comedy improv and scripted activities. The result? A holiday party your guests will never forget.

Buddy The Elf - Roving

Straight from Will Farrell's hit Christmas movie, Elf, Buddy the Elf has just arrived at your event from the North Pole to find his dad -and he thinks it's one of your guests! Your guests are going to be laughing loud at Buddy's fascination with all the amazing things he's never seen in the North Pole, especially iPhones and cameras. Buddy's playful nature is infectious as he excitedly guides guests to all his favourite places to see!

"Thank you for making our event so unique and bringing our elf theme alive with Buddy the Elf. We received so much good feedback from all our guests. Buddy was the highlight of the evening! I would be more than happy working with you again."
-Nadia Wassmer – Sales and Events Manager – FlyOver Canada



The Mounted Elf Patrol

This duo is more than just a HILARIOUS sight gag. These diminutive Christmas elves are at your event on their trusty Reindeer steeds to make sure they find & test every last event guest who is on Santa’s "on the fence" list -that’s the list of people who have been plenty nice this year…but also impressively naughty. You’d be surprised at how many folks are in that category. Santa’s send his most trusted elf assistants to give your guests side-splitting tests to determine what list they’ll finally be on for Christmas! With a great comedy premise, fantastic photo ops and absolutely unique costumes, this winter duo will be remembered for a long time!


Jack Frost

Jack Frost is the ideal winter season event emcee! Played by a seasoned character actor and emcee, this original rendition of the iconic Jack Frost can get the party started at the entrance, creating excitement and laughter. When most of the guests have arrived, Mr. Frost can mingle and share his unique comedy and storyline with the guests.

When the time is right, this icy character will take the stage to welcome guests, introduce speakers, thank sponsors and give out awards.

Planning a photo booth? He’ll make it the smash hit of the night - encouraging your guests to take fantastic, unforgettable shots, keeping them laughing while they wait, and magically replenishing the ice in their cocktails (ok, that might be hard to actually do…thinking about it though…).

Do you have a large group? Add extra impact by inviting Jack’s lovely girlfriend the Ice Princess. They’ve only been dating for a few hundred years, so the relationship hasn't cooled off yet, but they give each other the chills!

These two are a proven comedy duo that will keep your guests talking until spring comes! Whether you book them as a couple or just one of them, they’re a perfect fit for winter - they’ve got it down cold!

The Grinch

The Grinch brings guests in on his terrible plot to steal Christmas, assigning jobs to everyone. He will find the "grinchiest" guest in the room with his "gift-pinching" competition on the mainstage (based on popular Minute To Win It - style games) But when guests tell him the true meaning of Christmas, his heart will grow 3 sizes that day.

Played by a gifted character actor and improv comedian, The Grinch will bring the gift of belly laughs to your event - team The Grinch up with Santa for the perfect Chrismas comedy duo!



Canadian Forest Rangers

The Canadian Forest Rangers are a completely original event roving duo that were created for international corporate events that need to boost the Canada buzz from the moment attendees arrive at the venue. These characters are played by corporate entertainment veterans who wanted to offer a more timely alternative to the Canadian Mountie image.

Rusty Pines and Leif E. Green have been protecting the breathtaking nature of Canada for years, and they are guaranteed to get your guests just as excited as they are about this super-natural location. This highly interactive pair break the ice and get smiles and laughs started with Canadian themed trivia complete with game show and nature sound effects, make friends wherever they go with hilarious nature survival lessons and delight tables of guests with their mini log cabin-building competitions.

This is the best welcome to Canada you can add to your international event.


The Vancouver Rockets - Interactive Hockey Team

Give your guests the iconic Canadian experience: we've assembled 6 talented rollerblading actors and created our fictitious Canadian hockey team: The Vancouver Rockets. They add excitement, laughs and the true spirit of Canada to large-ballroom events.

This hilarious hockey team will skate through your venue, around your guests and bring with them their infectious humor and sense of play; truly giving your guests a taste of what makes Canada so unique.

The Rockets recently debuted at Vancouver Centre for 900 executive guests from 80 different countries - and at 10:00 at night, they injected delight and new energy into the ballroom, kicking the final portion of their big evening into high gear. The team got laughs, cheers and countless photo ops. Event organisers will definitely score a hat trick with our fresh new feature

Canadiana - Interactive Roving Canadian Icons

For large international conferences, give them a real Canadian welcome with our Canadiana Collection. These regional icons are in place to meet your guests when the doors open, and ready to add that magic ingredient to the event.

They lend every event an excitement and sense of occasion that breaks the ice from the very start - with hilarious improv interaction and creative photo ops, to fishing & lassoing lessons to line dancing on the dance floor, these characters can do it all. Your guests are guaranteed to know what country they’re visiting!

Our roving Canadian characters are seasoned professional improv actors with years of corporate event experience, so they know exactly where the laughs are for your valued guests! Bios are available upon request.

What the Heck Do You Know About Canada?? Roving Game Show


Captain George Vancouver

If you’re already in Vancouver then the Captain should be part festivities, shouldn’t he? Captain George Vancouver brought his ship around the Cape of Good Hope, and all the way up the Pacific Coast past California (stopping at Disneyland before his crew mutinied) and on to the Straights of Juan De Fuca. Juan was a great friend of George’s so he didn’t mind him naming the straights after himself. And here he is. Dazzled by the beauty of the land - the mountains…the emerald green of the Starbucks signs. Captain George will mingle with your guests; make them laugh at his wonderful, if slightly eccentric stories of his nautical adventures and current real estate investments in Kitsilano.

John "Gassy Jack" Deighton

Introducing the proprietor of the night’s entertainment and "owner" of your venue: Gassy Jack. He was the first hotel and bar owner in Vancouver in the historic area of the city, Gastown, named after this rascally capitalist. You can stop worrying, Gassy Jack didn’t get his nickname because of an embarrassing digestive problem. "Gassy" refers to the fact that this founder of the city was known far and wide for his larger-than-life personality and his incredible tall tales -the man never stopped talking -and making his guests roar with laughter. This roving character pays great homage to his name sake by telling riveting tall tales about the early days of this city and having the humour and wit that will make your guests fall in love with this Victorian entrepreneur. He's best "host" of the evening you could possibly want!


Marilyn Monroe

Barbara Beall is a world-class Marilyn Monroe impersonator. She’s a dead ringer for this beloved cultural icon. On top of that, because Barbara is a trained character actor, she’s mastered Marilyn’s character, voice and mannerisms. Now add the fact that Barbara Beall is a gifted improv comedian, regularly featured at the Rio and Vogue Theatres in The Fictionals and The Critical Hits Show, her rendition of Marilyn is packed with wit, charm and seriously great comedy moments.Because of her extensive and historically accurate Marilyn wardrobe, you can have your own input into what you’d like Miss Monroe to wear to your event!

Barbara’s Marilyn is available for hostess, emcee, signature roving, and mingling. Is it a VIP’s birthday? You can also book Marilyn to sing the scandalous "Happy Birthday Mister President" that Ms. Monroe sang for JFK in 1962! Barbara Beall’s Marilyn Monroe is guaranteed to be the closest you’ll ever come to actually meeting Marilyn!

Hollywood Director, Paparazzi and Red Carpet Reporter

Vintage Paparazzi give guests an exciting and glamorous welcome. The reporters and camera crew are wearing high-quality, historically-accurate costumes that make a fantastic first impression, adding to the high-quality professional feel of this dynamic and unique welcome.

This entertainment feature is slick, polished and loads of fun for your guests. Our actors are truly the best in the biz at making your guests feel like stars and getting the laughs started before they even step into the venue!

Our comedy material is appropriate, well-researched and extremely entertaining. Add to that the best improv actors in Vancouver, hand-picked from pro improv comedy teams with rave reviews, and you simply have the best red carpet entertainment available.

Our vintage cameras are retro-fitted with LED flash bulbs, so the paparazzi can use their flashes as long as they want without running out of flash bulbs or batteries.

These characters are great for employee recognition events. The context is "YOU are the star of the night!"

ET and paparazzi characters would pretend guests are famous movie stars (silver screen or modern), and the director character treats guests as stars and has fun getting them to say famous movie lines "on camera", yelling "ACTION!" and "CUT!" etc. Can be modern or vintage characters.

Oscar Living Statue

Oscar Living Statue is about the most exciting original entertainment feature that event organizers can add to events with a Hollywood or Academy Award theme. Guests will completely accept the ubiquitous Oscar statue destined to decorate the lounge or stage area, so they won’t give it a second thought. When the Oscar Statue suddenly shifts his pose or interacts with a group of guests posing for selfies - THAT’S when they know they are at an exciting, original event.

This "living statue" creation creates a buzz of excitement, laughter and even shrieks of surprise when he spontaneously interacts with nearby guests after maintaining his completely still tradition "Oscar pose". Alternatively have Oscar on stage behind your keynote speaker as part of the décor -then your VIP turns and asks the statue for a "high 5"…and gets one! Audience explodes with shock, delight and big applause! Oscar’s costuming is absolutely perfect -and the performer playing him is a highly-trained event performer with years of experience with movement-based entertainment.

"You were phenomenal. It was amazing how many people were shocked when they realized you were a human! This experience for our team has been incredible from the moment we inquired to the fabulous performance on site."
- Laura Warren - Rare Affairs Meeting & Event Planning Services

"Thank you for sending Oscar out to our Gala Event for Dreams Take Flight Vancouver as a living statue. He interacted with people so well that it had everyone speechless over how amazing he was!! So authentic, so fun and totally worth it! Thank you for being part of our event, and hope to work with you again soon."
- Laura Logan - Dreams Take Flight Vancouver

The On Location Squad

This hilarious team of comedy actors instantly transform an event into an on location shoot making the guests into start -and giving them a quite authentic taste of what it would be like to be at the centre of a film shoot.

PERFECT for event themes like Hollywood, Hollywood North and On Location -which is pretty hot these days.


The Vancouver Quizmasters is the ultimate game show challenge for you & your guests. Inspired by the British pub quiz, this trivia challenge fuses entertaining trivia competition with hilarious comedy hosting to give you a unique and massively FUN experience.

There are a wide variety of categories to choose from beforehand – from pure pub–style entertainment to education–based categories that you can request to fit the needs of your specific event. This is an exciting and painless way to familiarize your group with new and essential information for your industry while keeping the energy, laughs and positive vibes at a maximum.

Great laughs, the thrill of competition and an activity that will make your guests bond. Everyone’s a winner!

Family Fued

OUR LIVE FAMILY FEUD GAME SHOW is fast-paced, well-prepared entertainment that allows your guests to shine, and infuses corporate events with positive energy and lots of laughs.

The game uses authentic survey questions from the TV game show. 2 teams of 3-7 players face each other over 2 tables on stage. The game kicks off as our game show host calls one contestant to the buzzer in the middle and introduces the survey question.

Whoever chimes in with a better answer can decide for their team to play the round or pass. If they play, the team can keep guessing survey answers until they get 3 strikes. Then the other team has one chance to steal the round if they can come up with one of the missing answers. Big laughs are guaranteed when the audience hears some of the contestants guesses. Add to that the comedy moments with contestants and our 70's style game show host, Richard Dawson Jr. - AKA Mike Cavers seasoned character actor and emcee. Read more


Master Winer - Comedy Wine Tasting

Introducing our original comedy component tailor-made for upscale wine/cocktail mixers & the hippest of wedding receptions. "World-Famous" wine expert Sir Michael Eversely is ready to mingle with your guests, name-drop and talk about his best-selling wine books: The Grapes of Wrath & the sequel & Heard it Through the Grape Vine.

He’s at your event to find his next wine expert protégé the one guest whose wine knowdledge is unparalleled, and whose palate has perfect potential. With the help of his trusted "secret server" (pro actor posing as wait staff), his search will bare hilarious results.

In his first set, Sir Michael will challenge guests to the funniest wine trivia game ever, men vs. women. In the second set, this larger-than-life wine master will return to rove the event challenging your guests to a unique wine tasting challenge (details are top secret) that will get huge laughs! Accompanied by his brow-beaten bumbling assistant, this comedy duo makes your guests the stars of the night-engaging your group and breaking the ice.

If your event is a real wine-tasting affair complete with a real sommelier, The Wine Master will "challenge" your expert to see who knows more about each of the featured wines. This is always great fun for the sommelier and a great way to spice up the presentations for your guests.

Additional option: at the end of the second set, Sir Michael can award one of your guests with an "official" Wine Master certificate and swear him/her in to the secret order of Super Sommeliers. This is a great way to put a playful spotlight on a man or woman of honour at your event!

Masquerade Characters & MCs

Masquerade Welcome
The magic begins as guests arrive -the entrance is flanked by masquerade living statues: Casanova and La Princessa. Guests will have their first thrill of the evening as these statues suddenly move and react to certain guests, and then resume another classic pose.

To draw guests into the magic of this Venetian masquerade evening, a "musicista itinerante" or travelling musician wearing masquerade costuming will add to the aptosphere playing classic mediterranian-style accordion music and welcoming guests to their evening.

After most of the guests arrive, the living statues will "come to life" and, along with the travelling musician, and mix with guests throughout the evening posing for unique photos and entertainning small groups as Casanova asks guests to help him convince La Princessa that he is the man for her.

Marquis of the Masquerade: Event MC
The Marquis Louis de Pamplemousse is the quick-witted master of ceremonies, presiding over your masquerade event.

Played by veteran MC, comedian and character actor Mike Cavers, your event is in the hands of a true professional. Mike will welcome guests, set the tone, officially open the event, introduce speakers, preside over costume contests, make any announcements needed, and keep the event moving forward with lovely positive energy.


Doctor Disco - Master DJ & Human Party Favour

Dance Floor Catalyst
Most event planners would agree that when a client requests a dance party, it can be a roll of the dice. Will guests make that transition from small talk to busting a move? And if they don’t, an entire evening can be judged by that empty dance floor. The venue can have the best night club lighting and decor available, but sometimes the guests can’t get from their cocktails and chairs to the dance floor without some inspiration. Doctor Disco is that inspiration! This original character creation adds excitement, humour and buzz to dance events like nothing else.

Gifted Pro DJ
Doctor Disco isn’t just a pretty face. The veteran performer has perfected the art of matching the right music to the right groups. With thousands of playlists to choose from, plus an expansive knowledge of party music, this master of music channels the perfect custom song choices for each group, from club music & top of the charts to latin, big band and hip hop. He plays requests instantaneously, and is available beforehand to consult with event planners to create a playlist that fits the event seamlessly.

Actor & Roving Character
Who is this man with the glamourous head? Besides being a pro DJ, he’s an accomplished and trained character -a veteran of high-profile corporate events with a long list of high-profile companies and conferences that have had a blast with this memorable character. He is gifted at interacting with guests, getting big laughs and fantastic photo ops, so don’t be surprised if Doctor Disco cuts loose on the dance floor! And when the good doctor starts dancing, witness a flood of guests returning to the floor to get the chance of dancing with him -and getting a great photo of dancing with our human party favour.

Greeting Guests at the Door
Planners can also request the good Doctor meets & greets guests as they arrive to break the ice as soon as they walk through the door. Request Doctor Disco to set the tone at the very beginning of the party by greeting the guests and mixing for photos and laughs before the dancing starts. It’s a guaranteed infusion of excitement and anticipation.

The Event Cops

These vintage–style cops always set a great fun tone for events. The boys in blue meet guests at the door for gag "security checks", screening for whatever hilarious criteria the event organizer wants us to screen for. What a great opportunity to hit an "in–joke" from earlier in the conference, or even reinforce branding or conference theme.

After most of the guests arrive, your personal police will circulate, creating a fun atmosphere, training select guests on our advanced security techniques and encouraging guests to participate in our "Arrests by Request"…that’s right! Any guest can point a finger at a colleague to be "arrested", as long as they can come up something fun to charge him/her with. The social media photo ops are totally "arresting"


Pirating 101

Meeting, Greeting, Roving Pirates
Book the best pirates in Vancouver for your event as rovers & greeters -guaranteed to transform your event with characters that people from every walk of life responds to with excitement and enthusiasm. Imagine the injection of energy, excitement and laughs into your festival when your guests are greeted by Captain Cannonball and First Mate Ralph McQueasy, the loveable, side-splittingly interactive buccaneers. Your guests learn that the infamous pirate ship, The Black Hurl has docked just off-shore from the event, and they've come to see if this place is worth plundering. As the two buccaneers mingle, though, the guests learn of the horrible fate of their crew: eaten by sharks, keel- hauled, forced ashore by peanut allergies -or even worse: teased for having a teddy bear. Arrr, 'tis evil -pure evil! Add that to photo ops, rapid-fire one-liners, hilarious sword-fighting lessons and other tests to see if the new arrivals are worthy to be pirate crew aboard the Black Hurl!

- Photo ops
- Hilarious greeting at entrance
- Fun sword-fighting lessons (safe!)
- Quality comedy material

Years of Experience
Mike and Nick have more professional roving and emceeing experience than almost anyone else out there. Nick has done years of on the street style comedy as Nick the Guy the meet & greet comedian from Urban Rush (Shaw TV), Z95 FM and now JR Country FM, as well as years of improv at the Vancouver Theatre Sports League at Granville Island. Meanwhile Mike has entertained as a professional comedy emcee and as hilarious roving characters for high-profile corporate events since 1995, including Microsoft, EA Games, Telus, Pfizer and AT&T to name a few.

Their pirate characters have been featured on Global TV and Urban Rush on Shaw TV and have made dozens of events memorable.
So welcome them aboard soon!

10 minute Mini-Show
Captain Cannonball and Ralph McQueasy take centre stage to give your guests a crash course on how to be a pirate. In 30 minutes, the two seafaring rascals will bring up volunteers from the audience and teach them valuable lessons, from pillaging, sword fighting, duelling to posing in a truly piratical manner, your guests will learn how lucky they are to work where they do. And not on The Black Hurl. This crash course is Pirating 101, a tried-and-true crowd pleaser guaranteed to deliver big time laughs and killer photo ops, and rounds of with a swearing in ceremony to make the entire audience into honorary pirates and members of the Brethren of the Coast. Arrr, 'tis a delight!

"Thanks so much for the awesome show! Visitors were tracking down our managerial staff to rave about the show. You were great with Science World guests even when you were no longer in costume, which we really appreciated. Our staff had a blast working with and everyone would love to see you back soon!"
– Deanne Weibe, Program Specialist, Vancouver Science World


Other Nautical Themes

Knight School

Your knights in shining armour are here and your guests are about to get an education, old school! King Arthur and Sir Robin have heard rumours of the dreaded Black Knight headed for Camelot. If that wasn't bad enough, the rest of the knights have gone missing! Join the most famous knight of them all and his trusty sidekick as they teach you how to become Knights of the Round Table before the unbeatable Black Knight crashes your event!

This high-energy, interactive show will give the audience a hilarious crash course on knightly skills, from tax collecting to sword fighting to the art of chivalric love! It’s a unique team-building show for corporate events and can also be adapted as a festival show.

Minute To Win It

Ten challenges using household items. 60 seconds on the clock. Hilarious prizes on the line… Think you can do it? You've got a Minute to Win It.

We’ve created our very own version of NBC’s newest sensation hosted by chef and TV personality Guy Fieri ("Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives") the show that has started a game revolution online and across the country. People are playing these deceptively difficult games at home, at work and at parties, and now your guests can play them on stage with their colleagues and friends cheering them on!

The show features our hilarious spoof host "Guy Furry", with your guests competing in 60-second challenges with household objects for a shot at personal glory, Facebook-able photo ops and incredibly silly prizes. But as the game continues, so does the level of difficulty.

Each game offers new twists: from men vs. women, to summer-themed games, challenges using office supplies, as well as teams of company departments, couples, and practical strangers that will have you shouting, "Did you see that?!"

James Bond

Agent 007 is a must for casino nights and Bond-themed parties. Inspired by the golden age of Bond movies, our Bond character is screen-accurate with his own replica Walther PPK.

Bond will mingle with your guests, bringing them into his world of espionage and double agents. He’ll "recognize" some of your guests as Spectre agents or other spies sent from MI6.

Add a few Bond Girls to the fun, and you’ve got more story and fabulous photo ops. Our Bond Girls have their own entertaining back stories and hilarious Bond-inspired names that will keep your guests laughing so hard they might spill their vodka martinis.

Throw in a KGB assassin, and you’ve got a deluxe package with improv Bond scenes that include your guests in the ballroom or on the stage!

Circus Characters

Ringleader Barnum O'Baily
Barnum O’Baily is everything you want in a classic, old-world circus ringleader: a tall imposing showman with electric charisma, a charming scoundrel with the ladies and a commander of attention for any event. Add top-notch pro improv comedy, fast one-liners and a film-quality outfit and what you get is the ultimate circus-style MC!

Zoltar the Fortune Teller
The mysterious Zoltar will read your fortunes, tell you about your past and grant your wishes.

This hilarious comic fortune-teller character is played by a comedy improv actor with years of experience making guests at corporate events laugh and gasp with surprise as he looks into their souls.

Zoltar reads palms, palm trees, pom-poms, tea leaves, ice cubes in cocktail glasses, and the tabloids.

He is also a master hypnotist so who knows what sort of havoc he'll cause!

But Zoltar's real magic is bringing groups of people together with laughter and quality on-the-spot entertainment with hilarious bogus fortunes, killer one-liners and memorable social media photo ops with guests.

Zoltar is a wildly entertaining fortune-teller spoof character played by a seasoned comedy improv headliner. He interacts with each guest and swiftly finds the funny, and does what he was booked to do: break the ice and help guests have a fantastic time at your event.

The Salami Brothers
Ladies and gentlemen! Introducing Cirque du So–Lame’s feature attraction, brought to you at amazing expense all the way from their village of 500 in rural Italy: it’s THE SALAMI BROTHERS!

This is an original clown–based duo, played by seasoned pros, designed to circulate and interact with your guests, getting big laughs wherever they go. They are also perfect social media photo ops as they will quickly arrange "scenario–style" photos that your guests will love. Guaranteed to get lots of likes on FB, Instagram & Twitter!

The "twin brothers" will have your guests in stitches as they rove the venue screwing up routine after routine: tumbling, strong man, and death–defying stunts all of which end in side–splitting failure. On top of the fantastic physical comedy, The Salami Brothers are a true improv comedy duo, drawing your guests into the fun with hilarious stories of their youth in "Babbeo" with their mama. They can riff on anything your guests give them to crank up your event’s energy and make it truly memorable!



Fairies, elves and knights, oh my! Turner’s Comedic Characters are able to conjure any fantasy icon you request to be part of your event. Greeting, roving, photo ops and even emcees from the world of kings and magical creatures will add a unique magic to the occasion that your guests will absolutely love. But be careful, the spell they cast is powerful! We also have some of the most talented film makeup artists in BC collaborating with us, which means there's virtually no limit to what kind of fantasy creatures you can have at your event - played by trained, gifted character actors.

The Roaring 20’s

It's 1922, and your venue has recently been purchased by the mysterious Mr. Jay Gatsby, who is dedicated to throwing a party every night here until he sees his long-lost love, Daisy Buchanan.

Mr. Gatsby will greet everyone at the door with his "hostess", delightful and hilarious Betty McBoop -a perfect 1920's flapper. Inside the venue, you'll be welcomed by 1920's - style emcee, Dougie Fairbanks Jr, wearing vintage tails and pencil-thin moustache.

While your guests circulate, they will meet Nick, Gatsby's new friend -decked out as suave 1920's gentleman. Inside the venue, the flappers, cigarette girls, Tom and Nick will talk to guests about Gatsby. Who is he? How did he get his money? Gossip will be spread. Guests will be encouraged to try to pry bits of Gatsby's past from him.

Meanwhile Gatsby will be asking everyone if they know Daisy Buchanan. The guests can tell him all sorts of anecdotes and rumours about Daisy. Add a scandal to the mix when Gatsby's business partner, Al "Lucky" Trombone, decides to crash the party and tell the guests how Gatsby really made his millions. Al makes deals with guests, gets romantic with the ladies and hits on Betty.

At the climax of the evening, Mr. Gatsby suddenly sees Daisy Buchanan -and guess what? She's one of your guests! Who knew! In front of all his guests Gatsby will propose to her. Will she say yes?

Added Entertainment Options:

Musical Number: During the evening, the cigarette girls can spontaneously take the stage and sing a 1920's number:
Anything Goes, I get a Kick Out of You -or another Cole Porter classic you'd like to feature!

Police Raid: Just as the event is starting to wind down, we can stage a prohibition-style police raid, lead by FBI agent Elliot Ness and his vintage New York cops. Just let us know which guests to arrest and charge with hilarious crimes.


Mad Men / New York Theme

Roving Characters
AMC's hit series Mad Men wrapped up in 2015, but our culture is still in love with the look and style of this show. As an event theme, it fits all the requirements: almost universally recognizable mid-century modern style with shared points of reference that easily break the ice early in the event. This theme is a natural for costume-optional events with fashion that is equally flattering on men and women, and easy to obtain. Even guests who have never watched the series enjoy the light-hearted fun poked at the lifestyle and social habits of the early 1960's.

The following interactive event entertainment will have your guests laughing and talking as soon as they arrive. The engagement and challenges have been designed to give guests the opportunity to flex their creativity and enjoy some playful competition - while at the same time allow them to mingle and socialize freely.

Your Guests Arrive
Your guests are welcomed by Don Flaker and his protégé Peggy Wholesome. The Mad Men characters set up the context: The guests are all top-notch advertising execs from competing companies on Madison Avenue, New York. Don has invited them to Sterling Cooper for some cocktails, smokes and schmoozing to see who among the guests has what it takes to be Sterling Coopers newest rising stars in the world of advertising. ROVING SET OPTIONS

Other New York City Characters


Downtown Abbey

Roving Characters
Unbelievable! Robert Crawling, Earl of Grantham, has uprooted his entire household: family, servants and all, to the new manor…in downtown Vancouver - and what a coincidence! It’s the same venue that you’re having your event at! Which means that the earl, Mary, Matthew and the rest consider your event to be a formal household visit. You will be hosted with traditional British aristocratic grace, with pleasantries and small talk. Meanwhile their service staff, Thomas & O’Brian, Anna and Master Bates, will pour drinks, clear tables and give your guests the real and dirty gossip. As the evening progresses, your guests will be drawn into a world inspired by the hit TV series!

17th Century Fops

Meet the Marquis Fip & Fop Du Maupassant, the twin dandies of the French aristocracy. They’ve been miraculously transported here (at amazing expense) through the centuries. They are sincerely scandalized at how dreary fashion has become. You can’t even find a gentleman in lace, much less a suitable wig and proper heels. And where is their makeup? How brutish! This hilarious, surreal comedy duo will add vibrant colour to your event as they blast the boring fashion trends your guests are wearing and flirt with ladies and gentlemen alike. Watch them get your guests embroiled in their web of sidesplitting gossip and intrigue. Add the British Duchess of Devonshire, a spicy aristocrat who finds it very hard sometimes to be a proper lady. She’ll tutor your female guests on how to be a lady… and how to avoid getting caught!

The Entertainment Police

Introducing an original new feature from Turner’s Comedic Characters small town police from old time Canada. As attendees enter the venue, they will be entertained by the choreographed "traffic control" signals of small town Vancouver’s finest: Constable Les Manly and Sargent Hans Freecell. They’ve got a ticket for every bi-law violation ever conceived of in the history of Canada. The more ludicrous, the more they’ll enforce it. And the kicker is: they are real laws! The officers will quiz guests on Canadian trivia and give on-the-spot tests to see if they have the right stuff to join The Royal Canadian Entertainment Police!


Warning: your event has become an epicenter for paranormal activity! Fortunately, you are now able to book the paranormal investigations and eliminations professionals ? GHOSTBUSTERS ? to rid the venue of any free roaming vaporous apparitions upon your arrival. Booking the Ghostbusters for your Halloween event is a sure-fire way to set the perfect mood and entertain your guests from the moment they arrive!

After screening the guests at the doors and getting tons of laughs, The Ghostbusters will circulate, putting party-goers through hilarious on-the-spot training in basic ghost catching techniques, using their film-quality "PKE" and "EMF sensors", testing their skills, finding "ghosts" and, of course, posing for GREAT photos!

The Ghostbusters are also professional emcees and can be your event dream-team. These guys are a perfect choice for any Halloween event!

Wild West

Gunslingers, Texas Rangers, Confederate Army soldiers and sexy saloon girls are a fantastic way to add flavour to your festival. Get drawn into the rivalry between The Earp brothers and their outlaw enemies Billy Clanton & Tom McLaury as the showdown at the O.K. Corral gets closer and closer. Your guests can mix and mingle with the heroes & bad guys and the lovely saloon girls who are fed up with both sides. This roving entertainment product includes actual gunfight with authentic six-shooters and film-quality blanks.

Medieval Times

Add magic to your event with our Medieval Characters - lavishly costumed so authentically that your guests won’t be able to resist interacting and taking dozens of photos. This entertainment package includes 3 components:

King Richard, Princess Regina & The Black Knight (AKA: Sir Prance-a-Lot) will greet your guests at the entrance of the venue, mistaking them for dukes, duchesses, princes and princesses coming for a royal banquet in honour of Princess Regina’s birthday. As they continue to the entrance, watch and laugh out loud as approaching guests mistake the Black Knight as a display suit of armour - until he moves at the last second!

Roving Entertainment & Scenario Photo Ops
Our characters will rove your event, drawing your guests into their world. King Richard is trying to find a suitable husband for his daughter. He’s going to be interviewing various guests (that you can pre-select!) to determine if they are right for Princess Regina.

Guests close by will LOVE watching this hilarious interview process. Meanwhile, the princess has ideas of her own about what her future is going to entail and enlists the help of some of your guests to help her out! Sir Prance-a-Lot will be teaching groups of guest how to sword fight, be chivalrous and look really impressive on a horse.

Our actors are experts at "scenario-style" photo ops. It a matter of seconds, we will direct them into a tableau scene that will produce fantastic pictures for Facebook!

Value-Added 10 minute Stage Show
We've created a 10-minute version of our successful interactive stage show, Knight School! King Richard, Sir Prance-a-Lot and Princess Regina will bring select guests to the stage for a crash course on how to become a knight in shining armour. Great fast-paced entertainment and an opportunity to let 3 members of your organization shine!

Additional Characters
Do you have a massive event coming that needs more characters to make sure everyone gets quality interaction with our characters? We can add Merlin the Magician, Aurora the Wood Nymph and Asha the Elf Huntress!

High School Flashback

Organizing a high school themed event? Nothing breaks the ice faster at a high-profile event than having the living embodiment of your theme in place to greet your guests as they arrive. These memorable characters will draw each new arrival into the theme of the event and get them to "buy in" to the playfulness and fun that is the hallmark of truly memorable mixers. The result? Laughs begin as the doors open. These characters were created to allow your guests to playfully re-live high school -just for the evening!

The Detention Room
Get an original and hilarious taste of high school when we install a detention class room right in your venue! As your guests walk past, the detention teacher, Mr. Dyck, will choose guests to "recognize" as high school students late for their detention. As soon as your guests sit down at their desks, they enter the world of high school. They’ll be getting lessons on Pythagoras Theorem, the Russian Revolution or straight up essay structure!

Meanwhile Mr. Dyck’s "new students" will meet Jason Dean, the high school bad boy, mechanic & drag racer -who is sharing the detention. And he’s going to make sure guests get up to all sorts of trouble, including passing secret notes and a paper airplane contest. The target? The back of Mr. Dyck’s head! Side-splitting laughs are absolutely guaranteed. -and the social media video and photo ops? Out of this world!

The Nerd & The Bad Boy
Meet Sandy Frink -teen inventor and engineer. High school is not the place for Sandy. If only high school girls understood that this boy is destined for greatness. Ever since his dad gave him an old Renault 6 to get to school, he’s been obsessed with making the next generation of Renault cars.

Guests will discover this is a big day for Sandy. He is going to present is "Car of the Future" to the science fair. He calls it the EOLAB and believes it is the future of automobile technology. He will tell guests that EOLAB is an amalgam of Aeolous, the Greek god of the winds, and Laboratory, the Eolab adopts just about every possible method known to improve fuel efficiency, starting with a variety of ultralight materials including high-strength steel, aluminum, magnesium and composites that hold its total weight down to an astounding 400 kilograms, or just under 880 pounds!

But the problem is, he can’t build the prototype on his own. Tonight, Sandy is starting the next step of his plan: enlist the help of high school bad boy Jason Dean. If he can partner up with Jason, they could make history together -and get some fat stacks of cash from Renault!

Football Hero & Cheerleaders
Remember the football hero and cheerleaders at your school? They have been re-created and sent to your event! This hilariously over-the-top-group will rove to rev up your group’s "school spirit" -teaching them cheers and posing for fantastic staged photos -with extra pom-poms and football helmets for the guests in the photos.

This pep squad will also draw your guests into some high school drama as guests are recognized as ex-boyfriends or girlfriends, sisters or brothers, best friends, or high school crushes.

The Mean Girls
Every school that ever was had them. They were so ubiquitous they made a movie about them. These girls will circulate spreading "gossip" about your guests, talking about their clothes, bringing selected guests into their group and brushing their hair. These very witty parody characters will bring back the cattiness of high school, but when your guests go through it this time, it will be with tears of laughter. Talk about cheap therapy!

Mad Scientists

The Characters
Last week, Two Nobel award-winning scientists were booked to host your event. Two inventors renown for their mind-shattering theories and demonstrations that leave guests weeping tears of joy but when they got the details of your event, they cancelled. Fear not, we've replaced them with Dr. Offmeschtuffen and Dr. Von Wankendorf.

This dynamic duo of science almost won the Vienna Science Council first prize for their zero gas-producing frankfurters and came close to Honorable Mention for their Motor Cortex Signal Override Remote Control Unit - a device that allows the user to take control of a subject's movements (to be demonstrated at your event!). They would have won, too, if weren't for a spontaneous demonstration on the judging panel. Apparently not all science innovation judges want to perform MC Hammer's famous "Hammer Dance".

Now at amazing expense, these two almost-geniuses, have been flown to Canada's west coast. Special thanks to CSIS for temporarily allowing them out of detention after testing positive for plutonium radiation. They have prepared their inventions, demonstration and even a travelling science game show to discover Canada's next science super star - all they ask is free parking and a bottle of schnapps.

The Scientists That Greet Your Guests
Hans and Maximilan want to know who they're going to have cocktails with. This is why they will insist on greeting all guests as they arrive with their ingenious PKE meters, to take readings for radiation, alpha waves, adrenalin and pheromones. Each group will get the first big laughs of the night as soon as they arrive - with hilarious one-liners, quick interactions, film-quality props with sound fx, and fast & funny photo ops.

Roving Entertainment
One your guests are safely schmoozing with cocktails in hand, Doctors Offmeschtuffen and Von Wankendof will rove your event in 2 separate sets, with distinctly different material - making sure the comedy stays fresh and the energy moves forward throughout the evening.

Our scientists rove the venue demonstrating their latest inventions: from the Motor Cortex Signal Override Remote Control Unit to their telepathic communication plasma orb, which enables them to read the guests' mind. Guests will be entertained by well-executed physical comedy, one-liners and quality improv as the characters riff of the guests' comments and reactions. Set 1 is also a great time for comedy-posed social media photo ops.

The mad scientists return for the comedy game show: You Blinded Me with Science! The duo will rove the venue transforming groups and couples into contestants in a fast-paced and truly funny science trivia game show. This is always when guests realize just how competitive they really are. With great trivia questions combined with our highly experienced game show hosts, plus a unique personal sound effects system to add all the music and sounds of a TV game show, this entertainment feature never fails to hit big. If requested, the game show questions can also be customized to reflect in-jokes and convention themes, and guests can receive hilarious prizes for winning the title of Canada's next science super star!

The Superhero Squad

Superheroes ASSEMBLE! In the last decade, superheroes have skyrocketed into the stratosphere of pop-culture. They represent courage, strength, compassion, and dedication to others. Since these qualities are also the hallmark of a successful company’s work and business culture, they make compelling symbols at corporate events. On top of this, they are colorful and aesthetically riveting.

Greeting and Roving
Having superhero greeters and roving characters sets the tone of your event right away. These instantly recognizeable characters always cause a ripple of excitement as event guests gather to interact, and get amazingly re-tweetable social media photo gems. Your guests will also have a blast getting drawn into the world of the superheroes as they recruit for their super teams and get guests to demonstrate their own "super powers" reinforcing that we are ALL superheroes!

Choreographed Battles
Make your event unforgettable by featuring a professionally choreographed clash between rivals, Captain America and Iron Man. These two have been rubbing each other the wrong way for a few years now. Captain America says Iron Man isn’t a team-player and Iron Man calls Captain America naive and too squeaky-clean.

When the fight begins in a predesignated area of your venue, guests will be rooting for their personal favorite and enjoying the high quality entertainment of this combat performance. How does the fight resolve? No Spoilers, but we will say that the resolution carries a great message that can easily reinforce the overall message of your own event.

Speaking of feature acts, Black Widow is also a great choice. Not only does she look fantastic, upon request this cersatile character can perform a thrilling hoop performance-keeping a mind boggling number of hula hoops spinning with circus-style finesse, unannounced and to the audience’s delight.

A superhero emcee catches your guests attention pretty fast. This is an excellent choice to get immediate attention and response from your audience. Do you have a VIP? Bring them up and we’ll let them win an arm-wrestle with one of the superheroes…we promise.

Our superheroes are not simply living décor. They are talented actors who are highly experienced at live performance-so you know they are going to be convincing, in character and have accurate and entertaining back stories-essential for giving your guests the superhero experience they deserve.


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