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Vancouver's most original Party Dance Band.
Re-Imagined Pop/Rock Medleys!
Werewolves have been taking our culture's most popular songs and warping them to their own twisted purposes since 2007.  Like vultures feeding on our collective memory of pop/rock mega hits, the tight-knit trio are known for transforming the songs we sing in the shower and hear in the mall, running them through a jukebox on shuffle, and performing them utterly re-imagined, at dance tempos, with new upbeat ska, funk, roots and reggae feels.

Tongue-in-cheek tributes to 80s tunes, original mash-ups and medleys of love songs, jock rock, glam, new wave, oldies, 90's, show tunes and pop superstars are packed into a live set with bastardized themes from Beethoven to TV (Cheers/Dallas/WKRP/A-Team), film (Titanic/Back to the Future/Flashdance) and video games (Tetris/Mario Bros).

Werewolves bring to the stage the combined energy of other bass led vocal rock "power trios" such as the Police, Cream, Rush and last (and in this case also least), Mister Mister. But neither do they shy away from tackling the Divas of pop. Mixing Diana Ross with Madonna, Celine Dion with Huey Lewis (power of love vs. itself medley), Katy Perry, Cyndi Lauper with Paula Abdul, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears with cult hit Dee-Lite's "groove is in the heart".  Occasionally also heard singing the lyrics to Tears in Heaven over Beethoven's Ode to Joy, THEY KNOW NO BOUNDS!

Beyond the expansive mix of renegade remakes the band has under it's snarky little belt, they’ve earned praise by arranging in advance with private and corporate event planners to create custom medleys and adaptations of favorite tunes.

The Werewolves' appeal runs the demographic gamut. Chalk it up to their mix of music familiar enough to be recognized by nearly everyone, reworked enough to be fresh, and arranged to sound great with a live rock trio and a killer horn section... tailor made for dancing, entertainment and celebrations.

Werewolves can accommodate any sized event either as a trio or six-piece band with horn section.

"I just wanted to let you know that the Werewolves were a HIT! Our tenants noticed and we received many compliments! I also noticed the Werewolves attracted an ‘outside’ crowd to our private event as well!"
– Georgina Gee, Bentall Kennedy

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