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William Kuklis
Composer & Voice Actor
"His voice is one of those rare instruments that could sing a grocery list or the ingredients in a soup can and make it sound delectable."
- Frank Peebles, Prince George Citizen

"What a voice!"
- Sheryl Mackay, CBC Radio

"He projects vocal sound like an athlete projects balls over home run fences, the lyrics are clear and well enunciated but he can whip your hair straight back."
- Frank Peebles, Prince George Citizen

A smooth toned sophisticated voice with a warm timbre. William Kuklis has been performing professionally for over 20 years. His wide performance experience in multiple genres allows him to bring versatile vocal abilities to any performance requirement. He is adept at accents, and is able to manipulate his tone for any environment.

Prolific singer-songwriter William Kuklis has been gripping audiences with his powerhouse vocals, emotion and charisma for over 20 years. Kuklis has taken his musical inspiration from a wide array of genres and artists and has been compared to greats such as Matt Andersen, Van Morrison, Steven Page, and John Popper.

He began his life in music as a founding member of the Vancouver-based eclectic folk band Cultured Cowboy. Over four years the band released two full-length studio albums Cultured Cowboy and Cultured Cowboy Live at Orphan Studios. In 2001, Kuklis branched out on his own releasing his first solo album titled The Price We Pay. This tribute album to a lost friend was received with great acclaim and enjoyed much praise for the depth and composition of his performance and writing. With extensive live performances and appearances on radio and television, William shared stages with such artists as Craig Cardiff, David Ross Macdonald, The Be Good Tanyas, and John Bottomely.

Cultured Cowboy was reformed in 2004 under the new name Willie Kuklis and the Disappointments and they released their 2006 album The Hand That Pays. The Disappointments enjoyed many successes performing together. Highlights included shows for the Vancouver Grey Cup, and the Vancouver Sun Run playing for an audience of over 50,000 people.

More recently, Kuklis relocated to central British Columbia to focus on multiple projects including music for several independent film and television productions. In addition to his music, William continues to pursue his other passions as a professional actor and writer for indie film, television and theatre. He has writing and acting credits in several indie film and television productions including X Spots the Mark for The Vancouver Film School, Quickies for Moviehouse Pictures, and The Distance of Truth for Pageturner Productions, among others. In addition to his film credits, Kuklis has been active in theatre throughout BC for many years as an actor, writer and director.

In 2014, William Kuklis released his second solo album I’ve Heard That Before. The album was lauded by his fans and media for its honest lyrical content and powerful vocal performance, and received radio play in both Canada and the United States. After the successful launch of I’ve Heard That Before, Kuklis was invited to play on the main stage for the 2015 Canada Winter Games.

Kuklis’ latest project and third solo album Save Me, was released in 2017. He describes the process of making this latest LP as "a grueling experience," spending the last two years creating and blending every component of the album, writing, recording, and selecting every line to capture "the un-edited feeling in each track." The final result brings the audience through William’s journey characterized as "a measured walk through longing, pain, and love – just not as depressing or as Danielle Steel as that sounds." Save Me is another bold demonstration of music and song writing that listeners have come to expect and relish from William Kuklis.

Most recently William was cast as Dennis Nedry in LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar, released on Nickelodeon on Sept 14, 2019

Check out William's interview on his role as Dennis Nedry on CBC Daybreak North here


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